Art Camp Bike Commute

Here comes a week of commuting to Beaverton with my boys. My 5-year-old has art camp and I’m going to commute the entire week on my bike and pulling the boys in the trailer. We’ll see how long I last on my bike pulling my boys in the trailer. Bring the sunscreen and the Gatorade!

Don’t my boys look totally excited to be sharing a ride in our bike trailer?

There’s an awesome walking, running, biking path on the way that’s filled with playgrounds so the boys like to stop often.

Turning around while peddling and getting a shot of my boys was slightly tricky but worth it to confirm that they were still there!

We rode the entire week through hot sun and even rain but we made it!

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  1. Precious expressions of brotherly affection, er…or was it motion sickness?

    1. Nah, they love the trailer. No barf here…!

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