Aqua Man

Sometimes I like to mix things up and go with a slow shutter speed to create a more painterly look for sports photography. For this shot, I went with 1/6th shutter speed and panned meaning I moved my camera sideways to “follow” the swimmer from left to right. That’s how I got the water to blur (painterly) and the subject (swimmer) is mostly in focus so that you can still tell it’s a man swimming.

man swimming in pool in Hawaii

College basketball photo shoot

I’m always on the lookout for that “different perspective.” After shooting tons of basketball games, many action shots start looking so much alike. Here’s a new perspective on the otherwise, boring shot of a free throw. I got lucky with the large American flag on the opposite wall just behind the other basket.

Photojournalism gives me the opportunity to tell stories of everyday events from my perspective. I enjoy that challenge.

Soccer shot

George Fox University women's soccer team plays Willamette University on September 30, 2012 in Newberg, Oregon.

Although I obviously have to get the “action” shots when covering a sporting event, I’m always on the look out for alternatively interesting shots. Here, I grabbed a shot of the George Fox University women’s soccer subs warming up during a time out.

Run, Forest, Run!

I always try and find that “alternative” view when shooting sports. Here, some high school cross country runners take off on a race.

A runner happily runs through a water sprinkler to cool off on a hot competition day.