First time snorkeling

It was an exciting day for my 5-year-old as this was his first time snorkeling. And what better place to try than at Hanauma Bay, Oahu where the water is fairly warm and the underwater viewing rewards are many. He was so excited about seeing lots of colorful tropical fish up close in their environment.

Boy snorkeling Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

My other son (2.5-years-old) being a little too young to snorkel didn’t keep him from enjoying his day at the beach!

Toddler playing on beach at Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

Montessori school photo shoot

Photo shoot at Montessori school for website

Today we photographed at a Montessori school for images for a new website we’re also designing. I really enjoy photographing kids. They’re so honest and pure. Nothing hinders them from displaying their emotions. It makes for fun photo shoots.

I lit the entire shoot with the new Canon 600RT Speedlites. I used four Speedlites for most of the images during this shoot. The wireless radio transmitter is great for eliminating cords running all over the room. No cords for the kids to trip on. How cool is that?!


Mini Geeks

Are my sons techno-geeks? Here they were, all setup with an iPhone and laptop, side-by-side in our kitchen. I knew I had to grab a shot of this so I brought out my Canon Speedlites and decided to have a mini shoot. Speedlites are handy when you need to light up a scene for a quick shoot.

Fish On!

After I picked him up from school, I surprised my older son with a trip to the local river for an afternoon of fishing with Dad. Check out his big catch of the day! I had to help him haul it out of the water. I’m hoping for many more happy fishing days with my boy.