Green Eggs and Ham

Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” was one of my childhood favorite books. It was one of the first ones I read to my kids soon after birth. I even read it backwards one time to one of my sons. Yea, I’m crazy like that!

On a recent walk through a Hawaiian neighborhood, I recognized a tree straight from a Dr. Seuss book. I don’t know what these are called but I could see myself sitting on top of this tree eating green eggs and ham.

Tree in Hawaiian neighborhood

Odd creatures abound

One of the cool aspects of traveling is the discovery of eating, seeing, hearing, and generally experiencing new things. This has got to be the biggest snail I’ve ever seen.

Don’t worry, this experience didn’t fall into the “eating new things” category. I photographed it to prove that this big one didn’t get away and then let it get away.

Huge snail I photographed in Hawaii near Hawaii Kai

Getting my toes wet

Back in Oregon, my toes would be the extent of any water time at the beach because of the cold water. But here in Hawaii, my toes were just the start. My family and I probably spent over 4 hours at Kaimana Beach (Waikiki) today with much of that time IN the water!

If I lived here, I’m not sure if I could get any work done. I’d probably end up a beach bum! An underwater camera for Christmas would do the trick.

Chijo's toes photographed in the water a Kaimana Beach on Oahu

Sea Life Park

My kids had a great time today at Sea Life Park near Waimanalo Beach on Oahu. What a cool job to be an animal trainer! I shot this through the glass at the Hawaii Ocean Theatre where trainers show off the talents of dolphins, penguins, and seals and educate visitors on conservation efforts in Hawaii.

Hawaii Ocean Theatre dolphin with animal trainer

Feeling like a kid again

Being on vacation somehow unleashes the little kid in me. This is great for infusing some new energy into my travel photography here in Hawaii. This is the trouble with photographers being on “vacation.” They’re never true vacations!


A very warm Christmas

It does feel a little odd to realize it’s Christmas but it’s in the upper 70’s and I’m walking around in shorts! I wonder if Santa has a pair of red shorts??

I grabbed this shot of a yard with Christmas decorations and palm trees in the background as a memory of our warm Christmas.


College basketball photo shoot

I’m always on the lookout for that “different perspective.” After shooting tons of basketball games, many action shots start looking so much alike. Here’s a new perspective on the otherwise, boring shot of a free throw. I got lucky with the large American flag on the opposite wall just behind the other basket.

Photojournalism gives me the opportunity to tell stories of everyday events from my perspective. I enjoy that challenge.

Montessori school photo shoot

Photo shoot at Montessori school for website

Today we photographed at a Montessori school for images for a new website we’re also designing. I really enjoy photographing kids. They’re so honest and pure. Nothing hinders them from displaying their emotions. It makes for fun photo shoots.

I lit the entire shoot with the new Canon 600RT Speedlites. I used four Speedlites for most of the images during this shoot. The wireless radio transmitter is great for eliminating cords running all over the room. No cords for the kids to trip on. How cool is that?!