Monster waves

Winter on the North Shore of Oahu brings some crazy huge waves!

Oahu North Shore waves

See the person at the end of the point?

North Shore waves Oahu, Hawaii

I wonder if this person survived this wave?

North Shore waves Oahu, Hawaii

People actually swarm here to surf and the crazy part is that there was a guy out there on a boogie board!

North Shore waves Oahu, Hawaii

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  1. Great eye. This is cool picture. Setting is amazing

    1. Yup, we spent all afternoon there. Had a great time!

  2. These pictures are amazing!!! Not sure if I would be standing on a rock like that

    1. Actually I think the waves are way more amazing than my photos but that was cool to see those in person.

  3. I love these pictures on the shores of Oahu. I feel like I am there. I can almost hear the waves. You captured it!

    1. Cool… you can hear the waves with my photo. I’m taking stereo surround photos now!

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